Hello, my nickname is Yari and welcome to my blog/site. This space contains solutions to problems I’ve encountered in my personal and professional life as well as personal notes and delvings.

I’m a full-stack developer. My experience is primarily in developing and maintaining full-stack applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, .NET C#, and T-SQL but I have also dabbled with mobile development. My current career-related learning goals include:

  • Strengthen my understanding of C#, .NET and JavaScript to write smarter and more manageable code.
  • Learn more about the Linux operating system and basic system administration.
  • Learn the full JavaScript web development stack.

Outside of profession related work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and cooking. I am interested in adapting a more minimalist and sustainable approach to my life and wish to rekindle my old love for reading and writing.

This blog is primarily a personal document to myself. A bit capsule to capture my own growing understanding and appreciation for beautiful software, elegant problem solving and generally the deep dark rabbit hole technology is. Additional objectives are showcasing my journey into developing an artistic sense and practicing my writing.